About Us

Duc Pond Motosports was born from a passion for racing and performance. Owners Donnie and Julia Unger opened the doors in December 2006.
How did Duc Pond get its start? Donnie Unger raced for 19 years, 14 of those on Ducati. After 13 Mid-Atlantic and South East Regional Titles and the 2001 Middle Weight Sportsman National Title, his career ended with a literally back breaking crash at VIR in October 2002. An electrical engineer by trade, his racing gave birth to a service business that got the attention of Ducati North America. The Ungers were offered a dealership so Duc Pond Racing became Duc Pond Motosports.

Where did Duc Pond get its name? On a rainy day at Summit Point Motorsports Park, the pits were flooded as usual. A fellow racer walked by and saw the 4 Ducati's lined up in the water and said "Look at all the Ducs in a Pond" It stuck.

Born of a Racer

Born of a Racer

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